Agriculture Loans and Lines of Credit

DuTrac Community Credit Union is committed to providing financial products and services to the agricultural community. Whether you are farming 10 acres or 10,000, DuTrac’s on-site experts, quick turnaround time, competitive interest rates and flexible payment options provide the support you need from planting to harvest and every day in between.

Agricultural Real Estate
When it is time to finance or refinance property, land improvements, buildings and facilities, DuTrac has the tools and expertise to help your operation grow. Whether you are a first time farmer or a lifetime rancher, DuTrac can help you break new ground.

Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
To do the job right, it takes the right equipment. DuTrac can help you unlock the equity in your farming operation with attractive rates and terms on your intermediate financing needs. We like to call it, “cash fertilization” to help you improve your financial, as well as agricultural, yield.

Agricultural Operating Loans
DuTrac’s operating loans are a low interest line of credit providing immediate access to your funds anytime. When the need arises, simply call or visit a DuTrac office location and we will make the funds available to your DuTrac checking account, in any amount, up to your pre-approved credit limit.

Breeding and Feeder Livestock
After establishing your operating line of credit, DuTrac can provide the funding you need to expand your livestock operation. With competitive rates and flexible payment options, the affordable financing you need is just a call, click or visit away.

If you have further questions regarding DuTrac Community Credit Union’s agricultural loans and lines of credit, please contact Jeff Waller, Commercial Lending Manager, by email at or by phone at 563.557.5001 ext. 7256 or Travis Phelan, Commercial Lender, by email at or by phone at 563.557.5001, ext. 8518 or Dennis Naranjo, Commercial Lender, by email at or by phone at 563.557.5001, ext. 7258.

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