Commercial Real Estate Loans

Owning investment property can be a smart choice. One of the greatest benefits to investment property is receiving rental income which can help to make your mortgage payment on the property.

Other benefits include:

  • Ability to write off most of the expenses associated with the maintenance of the property.
  • Additional tax benefits such as depreciation and mortgage interest deductions. (Please contact your tax advisor to determine your business deductions.)
  • Owning your own property for your business helps you control overhead costs and builds equity in an asset, instead of paying rent to someone else.

DuTrac can finance almost any type of property, including:

  • 1-4 Family Rentals
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Mixed-Use Properties
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Light Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • Mini-Storage
  • Office
  • Retail

If you are acquiring additional land for your business, purchasing investment property, remodeling or refinancing an existing real estate loan, DuTrac Community Credit Union can assist you. DuTrac offers the ability to structure your loans with terms that help you achieve your business goals and objectives that ultimately will impact your bottom line.

If you have further questions regarding DuTrac’s commercial real estate loans, please contact Jeff Waller, Commercial Lending Manager, by email at or by phone at (800) 475.1331 ext. 7256, Travis Phelan, Commercial Lender, by email at or by phone at (800) 475.1331, ext. 8518 or Dennis Naranjo, Commercial Lender, by email at or by phone at (800) 475.1331., ext. 7258.

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