CD Special!

36 month CD Special 2.25 APY*

Use your tax return to open a CD or invest in an IRA CD!

*APY is Annual Percentage Yield. APY listed above is accurate as of February 6, 2020. The interest rate and annual percentage yield may change. Interest will be compounded quarterly and will be credited to the account quarterly. Interest on your account will be credited by adding the interest to the principle. The annual percentage yield assumes interest will remain on deposit until maturity. A withdrawal will reduce earnings. Minimum amount required to open is $1,000. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal and may include a reduction of principle. 36-month CD will automatically renew at a 36-month term and rate at maturity. EcoPlus bonus does not apply. Rates subject to change without notice. Not valid for brokered deposits, institutional investors, business accounts or Public Funds. Federally Insured by NCUA. For additional details visit

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