Choice Rewards

CHOICE REWARDS.gifDuTrac’s Choice Rewards program is a great way to reward yourself for purchases you make everyday using your DuTrac VISA Platinum card.

With this free optional rewards program, you earn points for every dollar spent on purchases*.

Browse the Choice Rewards website to see the great options available for point redemption.

*Balance transfers and cash advances are not considered purchases. If points have been rewarded and an item is returned you will forfeit any points earned for initial purchase of the item.

Visa Platinum


Higher purchasing limits and added options are included with DuTrac’s VISA Platinum credit card. DuTrac’s VISA Platinum offers you the opportunity to obtain multiple cards with different card numbers. With this option, you are able to carry a “spare” card in case of emergencies, have one card joint with your spouse and one individual card for yourself, or even give your child a card with a smaller limit for emergencies or to teach them how to use credit.

The advantages of a DuTrac VISA Platinum credit card:

  • A low interest rate
  • No annual fee
  • Automatic payments from your DuTrac account
  • 25-day grace period
  • $250,000 insurance coverage when any common carrier tickets are purchased with your card
  • Free Year-End Summary of Purchases
  • Free optional Choice Rewards program allows you to earn points for every dollar spent on purchases. DuTrac’s Choice Rewards program is a great way to reward yourself for purchases you make everyday. Visit the Choice Rewards website to view the options available for points redemption.

Your DuTrac VISA credit card is protected against possible fraud through a fraud protection technology which monitors and detects transactions that are different from your ordinary spending patterns and will alert you if something appears to be out of the ordinary.

Added online security:
Your DuTrac VISA credit cards are eligible to enroll in Verified by VISA. This service protects your credit card against unauthorized online purchases with a personal password.

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