VA Loans

VA-LOANS-LOGODuTrac is proud to be able to offer Veterans’ Administration (VA) guarantee home loans to our country’s veterans.

According to Federal law, the VA is authorized to guarantee loans made to eligible veterans only and for only certain purposes. To determine the full range of options available to eligible veterans, please visit the Veterans Benefits Administration References website or contact our highly qualified real estate lending consultants.

There are many advantages for obtaining VA loan financing including:

  • No down payment is required by VA unless the purchase price exceeds the reasonable value of the property or the loan is a Graduated Payment Mortgage (GPM) (DuTrac may require a down payment if necessary to meet secondary market requirements.)
  • Flexible underwriting standards
  • Refinancing at a discounted rate is an available option

For additional options and specific information related to the VA Home Loan Program, please visit the United States Department of Veterans Affairs website.

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