Additional Products and Services

ACH Debit Notification

Same-day ACH Debits will become effective on September 15, 2017. This gives members and businesses the opportunity to make bill payments faster with fewer delays. However, please be aware that debits may post to your account as quickly as the same day you write a check or initiate a payment.

DuTrac is committed to serving our members in the best way possible.

We offer products and services far and above the normal savings and loans products mentioned elsewhere on this site:


Medallion Signature Guarantees

These provide verification of signature for members for different financial transactions. There is no charge for this service, but you must be a member of DuTrac.

Money Orders/Official Checks

Provide a way for members to make a payment to an individual or company requiring a guaranteed funds payment.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep your valuable possessions secure. These protective boxes are located in a fireproof vault and require a DuTrac staff member to accompany you with a master key to gain access. Safe deposit boxes are available at our Asbury, St. Mary’s, Maquoketa and Kimberly Road offices. The annual rental of each box varies by size and not all sizes are available at all locations. Click here to view a pdf of safe deposit box sizes and prices.

Safekeeping Boxes

Store important papers and valuables. These boxes are located in a secure fireproof vault and do not require a DuTrac staff member to accompany you. Safekeeping boxes are self-serve and only require one key to access. The annual rental of each box varies by size. Safekeeping boxes are only available at our Jersey Ridge and Eldridge offices. Click here to view a pdf of safekeeping box sizes and prices.

U.S. Savings Bonds

Provide long-term investment opportunities, yet are flexible enough for those needing funds available. U.S. Savings Bonds are financial instruments issued by the U.S. government through TreasuryDirect. Paper savings bonds can be redeemed at all DuTrac office locations.

Wire Transfers

Enable a member to send or receive money safely and quickly. Wire transfers are a means of electronically transferring money from or to an account at DuTrac or another financial institution. Popmoney is another option to send or receive money safely and quickly.

Wire Transfer Instructions:
To have funds transferred to your DuTrac Community Credit Union Account the initiating company will require the following information:

  • To: DuTrac Community Credit Union
  • ABA/ routing number: 273974549
  • Final Credit: Your name and account number (Please specify Savings, Checking, etc.)

For sending wires from your DuTrac Community Credit Union account, wire transfers cannot be guaranteed to be completed the same day if it is sent after 3 p.m CST. Wires are only done Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Holidays.

Money Bags

Keep your receipts and deposits in a handy location. DuTrac offers night drop bags that can be locked with a key or a handy zippered bag to carry your items for deposit.

Notary Services

Notaries are people of integrity appointed by the Secretary of State to serve the public. Notaries provide impartial and unbiased witness by identifying persons who come before the notary.

Coin Counting Machine

Bring in loose change to be counted. No more coin rolling; it is quick and easy. Coin counting machines are available at all DuTrac office locations.

Night Drop

Make your deposits at an hour that is most convenient for you with our night drop boxes. Each DuTrac office has a night drop. Deposits will be posted to the member’s account the next business day.

Bank By Mail

You can mail deposits to your nearest DuTrac office. Make sure to include a note with your name and account number so we know where to deposit the funds.

Presidential Dollar Sets

Unique gold dollars honoring our presidents. Each set contains two uncirculated gold dollars: one from the Denver mint and one from the Philadelphia mint. Each set also has a timeline and historical record of each president. These sets are available at every DuTrac office location.

ATIRAgift Visa Debit Cards

Prepaid Visa gift cards are available at any DuTrac office location for up to $750. They may be used all at once, or over time at various retailers. The card must be registered at in order to replace the card if it is lost or stolen.


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