Donations & Community Involvement

The Board and staff at DuTrac Community Credit Union are committed to giving back to the community through monetary and in-kind donations as well as through volunteer opportunities.

Statement of Philosophy: Charitable Contributions, Gifts and Donations

DuTrac is an intricate part of social and economic progress. Credit unions are not simply financial institutions but are an important element in the development of the communities served. DuTrac operates in keeping with International Credit Union Operating Principles:

“Continuing the ideals and beliefs of cooperative pioneers, credit unions seek to bring about human and social development. Their vision of social justice extends both to individual members and to the larger community in which they work and reside. The credit union ideal is to extend service to all who need and can use it. Every person is either a member or potential member and appropriately part of the credit union sphere of interest and concern. Decisions should be taken with full regard for the interest of the broader community where the credit union and its members reside.”

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