Payroll/Direct Deposit/Automatic Transfers

DuTrac offers members the ability to direct funds within the Credit Union to virtually any account you wish with direct deposit, payroll deduction or automatic transfer, saving you time and money.

Benefits include:

  • Direct deposits are recurring payments such as paycheck, pension or Social Security, that
    can be sent to your DuTrac account.
  • Payroll deduction, if offered by your employer, is a pre-determined amount taken
    automatically from your paycheck and sent directly to DuTrac for distribution to any of your
    accounts or loans.
  • Automatic transfers are internal transfers that allow you to move funds for various reasons.
  • Automatic transfers can be set up on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis, saving you time
    and money.

Mobile Deposit Capture

DuTrac’s Mobile Deposit Capture gives members the option of making a deposit from anywhere. Members can access Mobile Deposit Capture through DuTrac’s MobileLink smart phone app and easily upload a check image to deposit! Enrollment in DuTrac’s PC Branch is required in order to utilize MobileLink.

Establish Direct Deposit:

To set up a direct deposit you will need to provide your employer with DuTrac’s routing number and your account number. DuTrac’s routing number is 273974549.

For direct deposit to your savings account you will need your account number; for checking you will need your checking account number which can be found on the bottom of your checks and is the second group of numbers following the routing number shown above. If you are not sure of your account number (checking or savings), please contact DuTrac and ask to speak with a financial services consultant.

DuTrac’s automatic deposit services provide a great way to manage your funds and make it easy to put aside money for yourself or your family.

Please Note: All Federal Benefits to be paid electronically

The U.S. Department of the Treasury pays all federal benefit and non-tax payments electronically, ensuring that benefit recipients will receive their money in a safer, more reliable way than paper checks.

When applying for federal benefits, be ready to sign up for direct deposit. You will need to have your DuTrac checking or savings account number and routing number on hand.


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