Take Action Now!

Update: March 1, 2018

Time is running out!

Senate File 2383 passed the Senate and credit unions’ efforts will now move to the Iowa House of Representatives. More information to come as it becomes available.

A tax increase on our credit unions is a tax increase on you, our member-owners. It would increase the cost of your financial services. We need your help now to defeat this harmful legislation.

Choose “Take Action Now” and/or call the Iowa Senate switchboard at 515.281.3371. Ask for your specific senator, which you can find by entering your address here.

If you choose to call your senator, below are some key talking points:
• Senator, this is “State Your Name” and I am a member of DuTrac Community Credit Union.
• I am calling with regards to Senate File 2383 that proposes a tax increase on credit unions.
• Please support an amendment to Senate File 2383 that would do away with the proposed credit union tax increase.

It is possible you may not reach your senator directly, so you may need to leave a message with the Senate operator. The operator will take your message and deliver it to the senator. Your message should still reflect the talking points noted above.

Time is of the essence: This legislation will likely be debated very soon.

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