uChoose Rewards

Getting Started

With uChoose Rewards you earn points every time you use your DuTrac Platinum Rewards or Business Platinum Rewards Mastercard – and with some retailers earn additional points.

You will begin earning points on your DuTrac Platinum Rewards or Business Platinum Rewards Mastercard with your first purchase. To view your points earned, simply login to your PC Branch account and click on your credit card. From there, you will click into “Card Info Access” to retrieve your credit card information. The uChoose Rewards link will be connected through their logo on the left-hand side of the page.

Redeem and Manage Points

It can take up to 30 business days for your points to be credited to your account and you must accumulate one point before you can start redeeming. After that, you can redeem for any number of things by simply looking for “Total Points Available for Redemption” on the “Point Details” page on the uChoose Rewards site to see how many points you have available.

You can then visit the “Redeem Points” page to choose from millions of options whether you prefer products, travel experiences, activities, event tickets, gift cards, deposit to a checking account or cash back.

Points will expire three years from the end of the month in which they were posted and a maximum of 200,000 points per year can be earned.

If you return or cancel an item, points to your account are reversed from that sale.

Cash Back

If you choose cash back when redeeming your points, it will be given back to you in the form of a credit on your Mastercard credit card statement.

Minimum amount of 2,500 points to redeem cash back.

Additional Information

For additional information, contact DuTrac at (800) 475.1331 or by email at members@dutrac.org

For additional benefits associated with your Mastercard, visit Consumer Mastercard Guide to Benefits

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