Household Bills for College Students

If you are not living on campus, you probably have some household bills to pay. Even if you are living on campus now, you will have these kinds of bills to pay in the future:

Rent. Being a good tenant today can help you rent another place in the future. Most landlords research potential applicants with past references, so you do not want a landlord to say you were a bad tenant. Be sure to pay rent on time to avoid additional fees or possible eviction.

Insurance. Renters insurance covers your personal property (which is not covered by your landlord’s homeowners insurance) in the event of a fire or flood, and also your liability, if any, should someone be hurt in your apartment. Check with your parent’s homeowners insurance, as you may be covered under their policy. Although renter’s insurance is not always required, it is strongly recommended.

Utilities. Cable, internet access, garbage removal, gas, electric and water are some of the utilities you  may have. Practicing conservation with many utilities can help keep bills from being sky-high. Always pay utility bills on time to avoid fees, collection activity and negative effects on your credit. If your utilities are shut off due to nonpayment, there is often a large fee – in addition to your bill amount – to turn them on again.

Roommates can make bill-paying more complicated, so establish how the bills will be paid from the beginning. Whether you split bills and each send a check for your portion of the amount due or have one person act as money manager and collect from the others, always remember if an account is in your name, know that you are responsible for making sure the bill is paid on time.