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Supporting our student members.

The DuTrac Community Credit Union scholarship recognizes DuTrac members who have demonstrated scholastic excellence, are in good standing as a member and plan to continue their education within one year of the date of written notification of the scholarship award.

DuTrac will award up to seven non-renewable scholarships of $1000 each for the academic year. Applicants may qualify for only one award.

  • Entrants must have an account established in their name and be a member in good standing for at least one year at DuTrac Community Credit Union.
  • Entrants must be classified as a high-school senior and be accepted as an incoming freshman at an accredited community college, trade school, technical college or university.
  • Children of DuTrac Community Credit Union employees are not eligible for this scholarship.

There are two different options available to apply for this scholarship: essay or video.

  • An original written essay must be a minimum of 500 words, double-spaced.
  • An original video must be 60 to 90-seconds in length. Videos files must be in one of the following formats: .wmv, avi, .mov or .mpg

The essay or video should address the following questions:

Millions of dollars are awarded in the U.S. to gain access to post-secondary education with a goal of obtaining a desired future position or career.
Do you feel post-secondary scholarship criteria are biased in terms of who is and isn’t selected as recipients?

  • If yes, what biases do you believe exist and state what criteria you believe organizations should use to eliminate bias.
  • If no, comment on why you believe the distribution of post-secondary scholarships is un-biased as well as your belief in those seeking post-secondary scholarships have equal access to curricular and extracurricular activities, high scholastic achievement as well as possess the ability to write a well-developed essay or create a well-produced video on most subject matters.

In choosing either position, please comment on how a family’s economic situation may impact students’ abilities both in and outside of school.


** Applications are closed for 2022. Good luck to all who entered!

Judging is performed by a panel of impartial judges selected by DuTrac Community Credit Union. DuTrac Community Credit Union then calculates the results and contacts the winners.

  • Each judge awards a maximum of 10 points for combined curricular and extracurricular activities and 10 points in the area of scholastic achievement. An additional 30 points can be awarded based on the personal essay or video. Judges  base essay and video scores on originality, grammar and punctuation, neatness and clarity of intent.
  • All entries become the property of DuTrac Community Credit Union upon receipt. By submitting your video entry, you grant permission to DuTrac Community Credit Union to post your submission on our website and affiliate websites.

Video essay rules

  • Videos must be original, unpublished content and 60 to 90 seconds in length.
  • Applicants must obtain written permission of third parties if filming on property other than that of the applicant’s.
  • If music is used in the video, the applicant must submit a complete list of production credits. Music must be original or written permission by the music’s composer/author must be provided.
  • Video entries must not be derogatory, offensive, threatening, defamatory, disparaging, and libelous or contain any content that is inappropriate, indecent, sexual, profane, indecent, slanderous, and discriminatory in any way. DuTrac Community Credit Union reserves the right to discard or disqualify any entry it deems to contain inappropriate, offensive or is not in keeping with DuTrac’s image.
  • Video entries must not contain content, material, or any element that displays any third-party advertising, slogan, logo, trademark, or otherwise indicates a sponsorship or endorsement by a third party.
  • Video entries must not contain, incorporate, or otherwise use any content, music, material, or element that is owned by a third party or entity. Failing to provide proper documentation of permission to use such materials will result in the entry being disqualified.
  • Selected winners must begin studies within one year of the date of written notification of the scholarship award.
  • Selected winners must be enrolled as a full-time student for second semester at an accredited community college, trade school, technical college or university and provide DuTrac Community Credit Union with written verification of full-time enrollment before funds can be released.
  • Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the institution in the name of the recipient within three months of written notification of full-time enrollment for the second semester. If the recipient decides later not to attend post-graduate school or becomes ineligible per the guidelines outlined herein, he/she must forfeit the scholarship funds.
  • Scholarship funds will be used for tuition reimbursement only.

DuTrac Community Credit Union has the sole authority to amend rules to ensure fairness in the awarding of these scholarships.

For additional information or questions concerning this scholarship program, please contact Karen Tegeler at ktegeler@dutrac.org or by calling (563) 585-8584.