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Save Small. Dream Big. At DuTrac.

DuTrac offers the Savasaurus Kids Club to all young members age 12 and under to encourage good savings habits as well as learning about our philosophy of “People Helping People.” Club members receive a membership kit that includes:

  • A variety of fun and useful learning materials supporting financial literacy goals
  • Membership card
  • A special Savasaurus Club coin container

To encourage participation and good savings habits, members earn “Savasaurus Kids Club Points” for each deposit and withdrawal at the Credit Union. Points can be redeemed for a wide selection of official Savasaurus Kids Club items.

The best part? The Kids Club isn’t just for kids. The whole family can enjoy taking part in our activities, games and special events such as roller skating and swimming parties, movie nights, and bowling events. Kids Club Members also participate in various collection drives for those less fortunate. You can find these upcoming events listed in the quarterly newsletter.


Educational Games

Coloring Pages & Activities

Want a Savasaurus Kids Club® at your credit union?

The success of our program has encouraged us to share our resources with other credit unions interested in implementing a youth savings and education program. Click here for more information.

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Print and complete: Savasaurus Club Order Form.

®Savasaurus Club is a registered Trademark of DuTrac Community Credit Union.