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Fraud prevention begins with awareness.

Your personal information is a valuable commodity, and protecting it is key to your financial security. Educate yourself about how to stay secure, current scams, and what to do if you are a victim of identity theft.

Keeping your financial and personal information secure is a top priority at DuTrac. From Text Alerts for our checking account debit cards to credit cards with chip-enhanced technology, we are constantly working to provide the latest fraud protection tools and services.

You can also take several measures to protect your financial and account information from would-be hackers.

Minimize your risk

  • Keep your Social Security number safe. Don’t carry it in your wallet or write it on a check, and give it out only when necessary.
  • Always shred receipts, copies of credit applications, insurance, medical papers, financial statements, expired credit cards, or other sensitive documents.
  • Be on guard on the internet. Don’t click on suspicious links or open attachments from unknown senders.
  • Use strong passwords. Avoid short, easy-to-guess passwords, and change them regularly. Instead, use letters, numbers, and special characters for the most robust password.
  • Store your personal information in a secure location.
  • Protect your wallet, purse, and personal documents when at home or work.
  • Monitor your bank statements and credit reports. Keep an eye out for suspicious activity and credit inquiries. Check to make sure all information is accurate.

Below you will also find a collection of articles full of tips you can use to prevent fraud.

If you feel you may have been the victim of fraud, please get in touch with us at immediately, or stop by any DuTrac location


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