Increase Your Chances to Receive Scholarships

As high school graduation, and the expense of a post-high school education approaches, many students feel pressure to obtain as many scholarships as possible. As long as the recipient of the scholarship continues to meet its qualifications, the money never needs to be repaid.

High school students can improve their chances of earning a scholarship with these tips.

  • Research Opportunities
    Start looking for scholarships now. Although eligibility may not occur until becoming a senior, start becoming informed of various scholarship eligibility requirements as early as possible.
  • Improve Grades
    If not already making straight A’s in the most challenging courses the school offers, everyone can always improve upon their grades. Not all scholarships are based on academic achievement, but having a strong GPA will only increase the chances of receiving a scholarship. Keep in mind many athletic scholarships carry specific academic requirements as well.
  • Get Involved
    Becoming involved in extracurricular activities will also increase the opportunity to be selected for a scholarship. Many eligibility requirements for scholarships are based on participating in outside school activities, leadership experience or specific skills learned through non-school activities.
  • Gain Experience
    Become more skilled in those areas of expertise rewarded or recognized by scholarships. For example, if interested in a business scholarship, consider an internship or part-time job in a specific industry of interest. Gain further insight and experience through volunteer opportunities as well as extracurricular activities.
  • Organize Your Materials
    Keep a binder of scholarship opportunities, applications, essays and letters of recommendation. Organize materials by deadline to ensure submission in a timely manner
  • Apply For As Many Scholarships As Possible
    The best way to improve your chances of qualifying for scholarships is to submit as many applications as possible – and for those scholarships that best meet your qualifications or experience. Find opportunities through your school’s guidance office, local businesses and various civic organizations.

Remember, all these actions will benefit you in many ways. Make decisions that are “right” for you, rather than “right” for scholarship applications alone. Becoming prepared, more socially and academically well-rounded, and involved as well as community active will automatically make you a stronger scholarship candidate.

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