CardValet Update May 2

CardValet Update May 2

On May 2, CardValet® will update its app on Apple® App and Google® Play stores.

The digital debit/credit card management application helps reduce fraud by monitoring debit/credit card accounts with a smartphone.

Security features include “turning off” your card(s) when not in use, establishing transaction spending limits, and declining a transaction when a charge exceeds a predefined threshold.

What you need to know

The following guidelines will help you navigate the CardValet update.

  • The updated app will automatically download if you have automatic updates enabled on your mobile device.
  • If you don’t have automatic updates enabled, download the updated app from the Apple App or Google Play store.
    • User credentials/Touch ID setup will remain the same.
  • After the update, all previously registered cards and alerts/controls will be available.
  • Select “Linked Accounts” from the My Cards page to view updated account balances.
  • The “Find Us” feature will no longer be available.

If you have questions regarding CardValet, please contact a financial services consultant at 563-582-1331 or

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