DuTrac’s Member Advantage

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Any DuTrac member, at any time, can move any secured consumer loan(s) you have with another lender to DuTrac and receive an interest rate discount of up to or more than…

1% less interest than you’re currently paying*

Receive up to 1%* less interest than you’re currently paying for the remaining term of any secured consumer loan(s). If DuTrac’s standard rate is even lower, you’ll receive the lower rate. Lowering payment(s) and making cash available has never been easier.

Make the move to DuTrac today! Call 563.582.1331 to speak with a financial services consultant or email: members@DuTrac.org!

* Membership in DuTrac Community Credit Union is a condition of this offer. To qualify for membership, certain eligibility requirements must be met. Member Advantage offer applies to any secured consumer loans brought in to DuTrac Community Credit Union from another financial institution. Loan approval is subject to DuTrac’s normal underwriting guidelines and some restrictions apply.