Other Service Fees

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Returned Mail Fee
Account Research Fee
$15.00 per hour + tax ($15 minimum)
Account Balancing Fee $20.00 per hour + tax (1st 15 min. free)
Membership Reopen Fee (Applies to memberships closed in previous 12 months)
Return Item Fee
$30.00 per occurrence
Check Collection Fee
$25.00 per check
Canadian Check Collection Fee
$25.00 per check
Unreadable MICR Line Fee
$1.00 per check
Domestic Wire Transfers (outgoing)

$25.00 per transfer (in person)
$30.00 per transfer (phone requests)
Foreign Wire Transfers (outgoing)
$50.00 per transfer (in person)
$55.00 (phone requests)
Incoming Wire Transfer Fee
$10.00 per incoming wire
Money Order Fee $3.00 each
Official Check Fee
$3.00 each
Statement History
$1.00 per page
Fax Fee
$1.00 per page
Copy Fee
$.10 per page
Inactive Relationship Fee
(Total relationship less than $100 and no activity in previous 12 months. Does not apply to members under age 18)
$15.00 per quarter
Check Cashing Fee
$5.00 or 1% of amount of check if less than $100 in membership account
Notary Fee
$5.00 per document to be notarized for a non-member and $5.00 per loan document from another financial institution.
Signature Guarantee
Free to members
Compliance with Garnishments, Levies
IRA Direct Transfer Fee
$25.00 per IRA transfer
Safe Deposit Box Fees
Annual Box Rental Sizes and rates vary by size and location
Lost Key Fee
Box Drilling Fee
Cost of drilling + $20.00
Late Safe Deposit Box Rental Fee