Credit Cards

 Visa PlatinumBusiness Visa PlatinumVisa ClassicMastercard
Interest RateLow rateLow rateLow rate Low, non-variable rate
No Annual Fee$15.00
Automatic Payments
Grace Period25 days25 days25 days25 days
Insurance Coverage$250,000$250,000$150,000$150,000
Online SecurityVerified by VisaVerified by VisaVerified by VisaSecureCode
EMV Chip
Choice Rewards

View a copy of DuTrac’s credit card agreement here. Click to view DuTrac’s Visa Platinum Disclosure, Visa Classic Disclosure and Mastercard Disclosure.

FirstCard Credit Card

By obtaining the DuTrac Community Credit Union FirstCard credit card, you can begin to establish your credit and learn about money management, too.

At DuTrac, we understand there is a first time for everything.  That is why DuTrac offers the “FirstCard” credit card program. This program allows those with little or no credit history to receive a $500 VISA Classic with valuable information on establishing good credit and managing your credit in the future.

Unlike credit card applications you get in the mail from all over the country, the DuTrac “FirstCard” is issued locally by your Credit Union.  And, unlike the others, DuTrac will help you understand the value of credit and how to use your card properly to get the most from your credit.  Plus, as your experience grows and your needs change, your credit limit can change as well.

So live life to the fullest, have some fun, and always know…Yes, there is a place… willing to give you the credit you deserve.

To be eligible for the FirstCard Credit Card:

Your DuTrac FirstCard VISA credit card also includes security against possible fraud through a fraud protection technology which monitors and detects transactions that are different from your ordinary spending patterns and will alert you if something appears to be out of the ordinary.

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