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$10,000 of new money could get you a 0.10% bump on any of our special rates!**

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Rates as of October 10, 2023
StandardEcoPlus Account Bonus*
Dividends CalculatedQuarterlyQuarterly
Dividends PaidQuarterlyQuarterly
Minimum Opening Deposit$1000$1000
Term of CertificateDividend RateAPY¹Dividend RateAPY¹
6 Months1.00%1.00%1.25%1.26%
8 Months**5.195%5.30%n/an/a
8 Months JUMBO**5.29%5.40%n/an/a
12 Months1.24%1.25%1.49%1.50%
16 Months**5.44%5.55%n/an/a
16 Months JUMBO**5.53%5.65%n/an/a
18 Months1.49%1.50%1.74%1.75%
24 Months1.74%1.75%1.99%2.00%
30 Months1.99%2.00%2.24%2.26%
31 Months**4.43%4.50%n/an/a
31 Months JUMBO**4.52%4.60%n/an/a
36 Months2.23%2.25%2.48%2.50%
48 Months2.48%2.50%2.73%2.76%

¹APY = Annual Percentage Yield

*Electronic statements and recurring direct deposit required to receive EcoPlus Account. Other eligibility requirements may apply. EcoPlus Account Bonus of .25% will be revoked if account no longer qualifies for an EcoPlus Account. Checking accounts require an opening deposit of $25. Rate may change after the account is opened. Dividends begin to accrue on the first day member funds are made available and the Certificate of Deposit is issued. Dividends on CDs are compounded and paid quarterly, or at maturity. Dividends on your certificate will be credited by adding the dividend to the principal. Interest rate locked when account is opened. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal and fees could reduce earnings on account. Withdrawal of earnings could reduce APY. Other rates and terms available. Membership required and subject to qualifications. Minimum $5 share deposit required. 

**Minimum amount to open any Special Rate Certificate is $500 or $100,000 for any Jumbo Special Rate Certificate. EcoPlus Checking Account Bonus of .25% does NOT apply. 8-month special CD and jumbo special CD will automatically renew for a standard 6-month term and rate at maturity. 16-month special CD and jumbo special CD will automatically renew for a standard 18-month term & rate at maturity. 31-month special CD and jumbo special CD will automatically renew for a standard 30-month term & rate at maturity. The .10% bump for $10,000 in new money is valid only on our special rate certificates.

Rates subject to change without notice.
Not valid for brokered deposits, institutional investors, or Public Funds

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