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Home Equity Plus Line of Credit7.74%*Variable**Based on the loan amount borrowed.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are based on the 13-week Treasury Bill Index plus an applied margin. APR may vary based on an individual’s credit score and loan to value ratio. Best standard rate of 7.74% APR is accurate as of October 1, 2023. Rate quoted is based on homeowners with a minimum 720 credit score and with a maximum 80% CLTV (calculated as first mortgage balance plus HELOC limit divided by property value). Maximum APR is 18%. All rates and terms subject to change without notice.  HELOCs are subject to DuTrac’s standard lending and credit underwriting practices.  Closing costs may vary and range from $0 – $625, including appraisal fee, if needed. HELOC account holder must reside within the DuTrac Community Credit Union service area and $5 is the requirement to purchase one par value share to establish a membership account. No grace period applies. No prepayment penalties charged.