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1200cc or larger

Rates effective August 28, 2023
Model Year37 Months50 Months66 Months72 Months84 Months
2021 & Newer6.79%6.89%6.99%7.09%7.19%
2020 – 20196.89%6.99%7.09%7.19%7.29%
2018 – 20167.39%7.49%7.59%7.69%

Under 1200cc

Rates effective August 14, 2023
Model Year37 Months50 Months66 Months
2021 & Newer8.79%9.04%9.29%
2020 – 20198.89%9.14%9.39%

*Rates are stated as Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and include a .25% discount through the EcoPlus Account which requires member to subscribe to e-Statements and establish a recurring direct deposit. The APR you receive will be based upon creditworthiness criteria. Value based on the lesser of NADA retail value or purchase price. Rates are subject to change without notice. Borrower rate is based on standard underwriting and creditworthiness criteria, loan amount requested in relation to vehicle value percentage, and mileage of vehicle at the time of purchase.